Aztech V5


Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Aztech Messenger


Aztech Messenger is a communication platform that makes the digital noticeboard possible. Think of  this as a remote for your TV only smarter.

You can use this platform to post, edit or delete information from the digital noticeboard. More on this later, first lets get youn signed up and ready to go;

  1. Click this link to register
  2. Enter your information as requested, agree to the terms and signup.
  3. After this you will be redirected to the dashboard.

The Dashboard

This is the main page and it consists of three sections

  1. the top navigation bar: this holds tow main buttons. on the left is the menu button, it draws and retracts the side navigation bar. on the right is your username. Click it to draw more options. Use this feature to access the help page, and to log out.
  2. The side navigation bar: This holds all the main buttons.
  3. The main panel. This is where you enter your data.


  1. Info: use this to pose school mission, vision, and core values.
  2. Notices: Post, edit or delete notices.
  3. Events: Post, edit or delete events.